Make sauna your habit

Make sauna your habit

In many northern countries sauna is considered to be a source of youth. For centuries is was not only a way to warm up in winters but also cleanse all toxins from your body and relax. Even in a short time in sauna you can lose about half a litre of water. This article presents some benefits of sauna.

Relaxing and reduction of stress. Knowing how to relax is one of the most important skills. Hot environment relaxes tensed muscles and helps to reduce joint pain. At the same time, you get time just to be with yourself, to think about the day in quite. Body and mind relaxation is particularly good choice on weekend, to prepare to the upcoming week.

Burning calories. For years, it is known that sauna helps to lose weight. However, you shouldn’t expect for quick results. Heat has different effect on different metabolic systems. Everything depends not only on the time spent in sauna, but also your gender, weight, age, etc. a person who weighs 65 kilograms can burn approximately 300 calories in 30 minutes spent in sauna. If you weigh more, you will probably use even more energy while sweating and radiating heat from your body.

Health benefits. We could talk and talk about benefits of sauna. It doesn’t only help to lose weight but also strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation and relieve respiratory problems. Sauna is a great place for aromatherapy. You can mix some natural oils with water that is poured on the stones and this will help to relax even better.



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