Men also suffer from depression!

Men also suffer from depression!

Men are not used to talk about their feelings. That’s why even when suffering from depression, most of them deny this disease and don’t treat it properly with professional’s help. To prevent potential accidents and unpleasant events caused by depression, it’s important to be attentive to your partner’s physical health and notice all first signs of disease.

Depression is a combination of symptoms of mental disorders, based on depressed mood, loss of sense of humor and activity decrease. These and their accompanying symptoms persist for at least one month and can be caused by:

Genetic factors – heredity;
Misbalanced level of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain;
Social factors (sudden changes in normal life – retirement, unemployment, emigration, etc.);
Diseases – heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s; 

Abuse of drugs, alcohol, various medications (lowering blood pressure or helping to avoid insomnia);
Long-term stress – the death of loved person, divorce, etc.

Men just like the women experience the samefeelings when suffering from depression but they are not used to express their feelings and start crying, for example, like we do. Trying to avoid looking as weak, men express anger and frustration or show aggressive and risky behavior. They are more likely to start using alcohol or drugs, avoid communication with family, work overtime just for working or act spontaneously. It’s clear that all this way of life may gradually lead a person to a suicide, so it is very important to identify the ilness.

If the family notices that husband or father is posibly suffering from depression, the first very important thing they must do is to understand and support. Try to help for your partner to understand that depression is a disease which must be treated and encourage him to start doing that. You should be careful when communicating – instead of saying “You are sick!”, listen to him and his worries every time he needs, help to eliminate bad thoughts and feelings, give all necessary assistance.

Starting to use medication is also important because antidepressants normalize disturbed neurotransmitter balance. Treatment is usually long and needs to be continued even when symptoms of depression disappear. If the person feels no improvement within 5-6 weeks, he should think about another type of treatment: the other medicine, psychotherapy, medication and psychotherapy, electric convulsive therapy (ECJ).

Help for your man to admit that he needs help and support all his actions for solving this problem!


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