Menu for a healthy woman

Menu for a healthy woman

If you want to prevent the development of many age-related diseases, you should follow a special diet. This diet was suggested America’s medicine experts who have linked various products to diseases. The correct choice of products stops the development of osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer and helps to cope with the symptoms of menopause. Here is a list of products that should be chosen:

Cherry tomatoes. They have lots of licopene, which reduces the likelihood of developing breast cancer, cervical cancer and heart disease.

Flax seeds. They are especially rich in omega-3polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber and lignin. All this reduces the cholesterol levels in our blood. The experiment was conducted in Majo Clinic showed that menopausal women who ate 40 grams of flaxseed managed to move their heat waves and reduced the risk of breast cancer. However, doctors do not advise eating flaxseed during pregnancy.

Cabbage. If you want to improve your vision, boost immunity and prevent your bones from osteoporosis or the related bone fractures, the researchers advise to pay attention to the cabbage leaves. They are rich in useful protein, lutein, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin K.

Cranberry juice.  Vitamin C and similar antioxidants can be also got from the cranberry juice. This type of juice is an excellent prevention of urinary tract infections.

Salmon. For a healthy nervous system, normal estrogen levels in women over 40 years doctors recommend choosing salmon. It will also reduce the risk for diabetes, improve muscle tissue and will also slow the aging processes.

Walnuts. They have been researched to have powers to protect woman’s body against breast cancer and osteoporosis. According to the recent research, if you eat a daily dose of 50 grams of nuts, you will be able to stop cancer cells from multiplying and will also keep your bones strong and healthy.


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