Mistakes made when we are trying to lose weight

Mistakes made when we are trying to lose weight

If you want to lose 5 kilos, we all know that it is possible to do that either quickly or smart. We all also know that losing weight is often accompanied with mistakes. So how to lose weight without harming your health? Here are some most common mistakes we do.

When you start your diet you may think that this is temporary and once you lose weight you can go to your old habits. Unfortunately, this is not the way. Remember that you will have to change your habits for all your life. It is impossible to have a nice body if you think you have to eat some vegetarian soup for a week or so and after that you will be able to eat everything you want.

Not weighing yourself or weighing yourself just from time to time is also a mistake. You have to track your weight every day. Also track what you are eating, how much water you drink and so on. This way you will know what your body is lacking, what to eat less and what to eat more.

Make sure you mainly drink water. Juice is also good, but remember that it has calories. Forget about any soft drinks at all. They have nothing useful. Eat lots of raw food, it has more vitamins and nutrients than cooked food. Overcooking is also a common mistake.

Getting depressed if you don’t see results straight away is also a mistake. Losing weight should not give you bad emotions. Remember that every step is important, even if it’s really small.



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