Moon and diet

Moon and diet

Moon can tell you when to start your diet and lose weight! It is proved that lunar cycles affect not only physical well-being but also the mood and physiological processes. So how to lose weight according to the lunar cycles?

New moon

New moon is the first three days of lunar cycle. For these days it is not recommended to start something new or create grand plans. It’s a time to relax. So do not try to start your diet or start going to the gym on these days. If you do it during new moon it is very likely that it will not become your permanent habit. So it is better if you wait for a few days. Just have time for yourself and relax. Delay all non-urgent work.

Waxing Crescent

Have a start at this period. You have lots of power at this time to get down to work. This is the best time to start dieting. Start living more active, go exercising. Don’t be surprised that you will be accompanied by a feeling of hunger. Do not give up. Growing moon urges you to store calories in order to have enough of them for the whole lunar cycle. Try eating vegetarian food, if you cannot live without meat, choose only lean one. Don’t forget lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Full moon

Full moon is a time of emotional peak, energy and commitments. Your behavior at this time may surprise not only people around you but even yourself. Full moon is a time of the strongest power. The excess of the energy of the moon makes you stronger so you want to eat less. It’s a great time to get rid of a pound or two.

Last Quarter

It’s a time when everything becomes stable again. It lasts for 14 days. Your body uses all energy reserves that have been accumulated, so you will not feel very hungry. At this time you are losing weight without even noticing it.


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