Myths about infertility

Myths about infertility

Painful menstruation. This actually has no effect on infertility. On the contrary, menstruation shows that ovulation cycle has occurred. However, pain during menstruation or sexual intercourse can warn about gynecological diseases which can cause infertility.

Rare menstruation. Long but regular menstrual cycle does not mean fertility problems. Some women’s cycle is 40 days. Since during the year there are less cycles, there are less fertile periods. If you have a longer menstruation cycle, you should pay more attention to when ovulation occurs.

Man and woman blood group mismatch. There is absolutely no relation between blood groups and fertility.

Infertility is hereditary. If some of your family member cannot have kids, it does not mean that you will not have them either.

Infertility is a women’s issue. This is absolutely not true. Infertility can either depend on man or woman. Besides, there can be a combined and unexplained infertility. It was found that every fifth or sixth human being has infertility related problems. Unfortunately, only half of them are looking medical help. 90 percent of infertility cases can be identified and most of them can be solved successfully nowadays.



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