Nails and their problems

Nails and their problems

One glance at woman’s hands and you can easily create your first impression. However, our daily life and various habits, such as vitamin deficiency and stress, affect our nails and their condition. Just like our hair, our nails are keratin cells that are dead. Nails can grow about 3 mm in one month, but this may vary depending on age and nutritional characteristics. Eating habits are very important if you want to improve your nails, so if your nails’ condition is bad, pay attention to your nutrition and health problems.

Main problems

Brittle nails. Nails start to break because of the unhealthy stay in the sun or it can be a consequence of malnutrition. Nails can also break if you use bad nail polish, which may contain formaldehyde which dries the nail our.

Damaged skin around the nails. This problem usually occurs when people are affected by stress which leads them to scratching and chewing their nails. Chemicals and bleach will also damage the delicate skin around your nails, so always use gloves to save it. If you use nail scissors, make sure they are well sharpened! If your scissors are poor in quality, you will rip the skin around nails every time you try to
remove it.

White spots on your nails. These spots appear after your nail suffers from shock or too much pressure on the nail plate. Don’t touch skin around your nails and don’t use too much pressure. If the nail has
many white spots, pay attention to your nutrition – you may also be missing zinc or you are taking too much sugar with your food.

Yellow nails. The color of nails is usually caused by nail polish which is kept for a long time and without lacquer base. Yellow can also be due to the constant smoke, so try to avoid this unhealthy habit.


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