Natural recipes that have been checked with time

Natural recipes that have been checked with time

If you suffer from runny nose, stomach pain, allergy attack or itching, there is no need to start swallowing pills – you can use one any of these natural products that can be easily found in your refrigerator or a kitchen shelf:

Meat spice

Though it may sound surprising, meat spice can be useful for us because of papain (a natural enzyme extracted from papaya fruit). Papain stimulates collagen production, strengthens the skin, makes it firm and elastic, removes the toxins and etc. Besides, it may help to eliminate the pain after the bee or other insect bite. In order to use them properly, mix them with a small quantity of water and make a paste. Keep it on the affected area for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Mint tea

Mint can be used to get rid of dyspepsia and abdominal pain. Oils that can be found in its leaves and stems relax digestive tract, reduce the flatulence and normalize the digestive system. Just make a mint tea and drink it instead of your typical tea. However, if you know that the pain was caused by creased acidity, it would be better to stay away from this tea because it may make the situation even worse. 

It can be used for healing sinusitis or sore throat. In addition, salt solution inhibits inflammation and helps to remove mucus. Just dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and rinse your throat. Not every remedy made from salt can be applied independently, so if you are not sure that everything is done as it should be, contact your doctor.


Many people haven’t still forgotten this wonderful mixture of tea or milk with honey perfectly saving from the first symptoms of a cold. This measure has long been used in a fight against sore throat, runny nose, and wound healing. In addition, recent studies have also revealed that honey heals burns and has anti-aging properties.Honey  


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