Natural remedies helping to avoid hair loss

Natural remedies helping to avoid hair loss

It’s normal for us to lose the hair so that they would be replaced by the new ones. In fact, if you lose from 50 to 150 hair every day is not bad at all. However, if this number is bigger, it has to be stopped. You’ve probably heard about various therapeutic measures helping to improve the hair growth and stop their loss. Today we offer some effective recipes that will help you to save your hair at home.

1. The effective hair helping to fight against the hair loss from the dried amla or Indian gooseberry leaves and coconut oil. You should simply melt the oil, add some amla leaves into it and let it stand for some days. In addition, start apply it on your hair every day: just keep it for some hours and wash your hair like you normally do.

2. Make a mask from indian gooseberry powder, an egg, few drops of olive oil and a half the lemon juice. Keep the mask for a half an hour and then wash your hair with the regular shampoo.

3. Lean meat, such as turkey and chicken, is rich in proteins. Remember that proteins are what your hair needs in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

4. Castor oil is very useful when trying to improve the hair growth. Mix it with some teaspoons of almond oil before applying it on your hair and then massage this mixture into your scalp. For best results, you should apply this mask on your hair once a week at least.

5. Coconut oil stimulates the hair growth, so apply it on your hair and let it stand there for some hoours. Note that it should be slightly warm, so wrap your hair with a warm towel when applying.



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