10 natural scents and their effects on mood

10 natural scents and their effects on mood

Lavender helps to sleep

Lavender essential oil is an excellent oil that calms the body, it helps to instantly relax and it’s a wonderful tool to combat insomnia.

Cinnamon improves brain activity

This spice has a special power. It has been proved that cinnamon smell improves motor skills, vision, memory and attention.

Pine scent relieves stress

Japanese scientists have made an experiment. They sent two groups of people for a walk. The first group went to the pine forest, the second one to the deciduous forest. The second group came back feeling anxiety and frustration, while the first one was feeling rested and happy. So the conclusions are obvious.

The smell of fresh grass improves mood

Moreover, the smell of grass is known to prevent fatigue.

Citrus fruit smell is invigorating

Citrus fruit aroma helps body to produce more energy and keep it as long as it is needed.

Vanilla makes us feel happy
Vanilla helps to maintain a balance between focusing and relaxing.
Pumpkins act as aphrodisiac

Recent studies have shown that 40% of men get excited about the scent of pumpkin.

Mint helps to concentrate

Mint cleanses respiratory tract, and stimulates brain activity.

Jasmine fights against depression

Jasmine helps to remain attentive and fight against bad thoughts. A cup of jasmine tea is great when you are sad.

Apples relieve migraine pain

Those who suffer from headaches should have around some apples. Apple scent relieves pain and also helps to reduce anxiety.


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