Ginger – a winner of winter spices

Ginger – a winner of winter spices

Probably everybody has already heard about beneficial therapeutic properties of ginger. It is a spice that stimulates immunity and digestion, helps burn unnecessary calories, tones and helps to warm up and so on. These are the reason ginger should be often included to your recipes. It is suitable for almost everything – both desserts and main dishes.

It is not surprising that Asians cuisine, which is based primarily on the health benefits, has put ginger in a special place and it is included in practically every dish. Fresh ginger root also has almost all essential amino acids. It increases internal heat, improves appetite, stimulates metabolism, helps to cleanse the body, etc. It is also very useful for people that have mental work.

One of the great ways to use ginger is to prepare ginger tea. It is a perfect remedy for colds. It you are not into hot drinks, you can make some ginger lemonade, which is not only invigorating and toning, but also helps from sea sickness.

Here is an easy recipe how to make ginger lemonade. Peel and cut eight to ten inches of ginger root. Put in a pot, pour three glasses of water (600 ml), add a glass of sugar and cook over medium heat, uncovered, for about half an hour. Add juice and peels of of 5 limes into a syrup while it is still warm, and leave it to cool down, then strain out. Dilute the syrup with some tap or mineral water.

Remember that if you do not like spicy food much, use ginger very carefully, as it can be even spicier than chili pepper.


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