Improve your immunity and memory using sage

Improve your immunity and memory using sage

Where does the name of sage derive from? What are its useful features? How to choose sage? This article will cover all of it.

The name of sage has derived from Latin word “salvare” which means “to be healthy”. There are about 900 species of sage worldwide. They are mainly used as a spice and they are also known for having healing properties.

Sage contains lots of essential oils and bioflavonoids which strengthen cell walls. The excess of free radicals can cause many chronic inflammations so sage is recommended to people who have chronic rheumatoid arthritis, asthma or atherosclerosis. In addition, sage is known to improve memory. It is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

It is the best to buy fresh sage. Fresh sage is dark green and it cannot have any spots. If you buy dried sage, make sure it is kept in airtight container otherwise it will absorb moisture and lose its good qualities.

How to store sage? If you have fresh sage, put it into a bowl with water. You can also keep it in a special container that will not allow the moisture to evaporate that quickly. You can also dry sage by yourself. You should do it in 35 degrees or higher temperature, preferably in the open air. Then blend the herbs and store it in a cool dry place. You can store dried sage for one year and a half.


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