The benefits of dried apricots

The benefits of dried apricots

Did you know that dried apricots are more useful than fresh ones? The reason why is simple. There is nearly no water in dried apricots so the concentration of vitamins and minerals is much higher!

  • Beta-carotene. It improves eyesight, protects your eyes against various diseases and inflammations.
  • Source of minerals. Dried apricots are characterized by a high concentration of minerals. The latter regulate many processes in the body, so if you eat these fruits, you will cleanse your body, maintain good functioning of your organs and enhance their health.
  • Digestion. Dried apricots have a mild laxative effect, they improve digestion and help to overcome even chronic constipation. It is enough to eat 6-8 dried apricots a day and the problem will soon be forgotten.
  • Slimming effect. A special feature of dried apricots is that if you eat them regularly, you can slow down the accumulation of fat in the body. Do you want a healthier and slimmer body? Eat apricots! Just do not abuse them. It is enough to eat 5-6 dried fruits a day.

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