The benefits of Jerusalem artichokes

The benefits of Jerusalem artichokes

The homeland of Jerusalem artichokes is Central America. They came to Europe in the sixteenth century, and spread all over very quickly. The easiest way to prepare Jerusalem artichokes is to cook them in wine with butter.

Artichokes has sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B1, protein, carotene, iron, phosphorus and insulin. They are very useful for patients with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The only problem about Jerusalem artichokes is that they cannot be stored for a long time. For this reason, their popularity has decreased over time.

The flavor of baked Jerusalem artichokes reminds of sweet potatoes. You can mash them, add a little bit of butter and replace mashed potatoes.

You can also cook a very tasty vegetarian soup of Jerusalem artichokes. Cut them into slices and fry together with onions in some vegetable oil. Add everything to some boiling vegetable broth. You will need about 2-3 Jerusalem artichokes for one liter of vegetable broth. Cook it for 15 minutes (after its starts boiling), then add some of your favorite herbs.


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