Top 5 useful oils

Top 5 useful oils

Walnut oil. First of all, pressed walnut oil has a fantastic smell. It is suitable to add to your porridge, green salad or to the dough. Georgians add a bit of this oil into the poultry and meat dishes.
Walnut oil is rich in vitamins A, C , E , B, P , unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, zinc, iodine , copper, calcium. It contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system, normalize blood sugar levels and thyroid work. The only downside of this oil is that it quickly gets bitter .

Grapeseed oil. Unrefined grapeseed oil , has a spicy aroma and flavor and it is only used in cosmetology. Refined grapeseed oil can also be used for cooking. According to nutritionists , it is a dietary product that has positive effects on the skin.

Flaxseed oil. Unrefined flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The specific taste of this oil can be softened by frying come garlic in it garlic in it. Then the oil is perfect for potato dishes, soft cheese with herbs and various salads. Take a teaspoon of flaxseed oil before going to bed and it will help to regulate your digestion. Those who use this oil regularly , have beautiful hair and strong nails. It is recommended for patients with gastritis and obesity. Flaxseed oil is also recommended for pregnant women.

Sesame oil. It is a traditional Asian and Indian cooking oil , which taste and smell reminds of nuts .
Although it doesn’t have that many vitamins, it is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which responsible for strong bones . Sesame oil can be light (from unroasted seeds) and dark (from roasted seeds). The light one is perfect for salad and the dark one is suitable for pasta, rice and hot vegetable dishes .
Shelf life of sesame oil is long enough.

Pumpkin seeds oil. This is one of the most expensive oils because it is hand- pressed from toasted seeds. The oil is dark green in color and it tastes like nuts. Pumpkin seeds oil is rich in unsaturated fats , minerals and vitamins. It improves blood, kidneys and bladder work.


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