Nutrition facts for buckwheat

Nutrition facts for buckwheat

Nutritionists generally do not recommend following diets, especially mono diets, because they do not meet the essential requirements of healthy eating. However, buckwheat diet has many fans, so it would be wrong not to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this grain.

On the one hand, nutritionists have the positive opinion on the buckwheat. These grains are rich in protein and have plenty of amino acids (including lysine and tryptophan) that can be better absorbed than the ones that are usually found in other grains. In addition, buckwheat is a great source of vitamins B1, B2, PP and P. Rutin that can also be found in buckwheat is actively used in therapeutic preparations prescribed for high blood pressure, endocarditis, glomerulonephritis, rheumatism and other diseases. Because of bioflavonoids, buckwheat is widely recommended for patients suffering from diabetes because this disease leads to damaged blood vessels and capillaries.

Buckwheat is also rich in various minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and bromine. Well, we all know that buckwheat is a great source of iron, so it is advised for people suffering from anemia. However, though according to the iron levels buckwheat is one of the leading products, iron that can be found in them is absorbed very poorly – only 5 percent of this mineral is absorbed by our body. Well, nutritionists have discovered a way helping to increase this percent: if you eat buckwheat with fruits or fruit juices, iron transition should increase. This tip is highly recommended for vegetarians.

Regarding the basic nutritional characteristics, buckwheat is more valuable than other grains. However, according to the fat or carbohydrate content and the calorific value, these grains are similar to other grains. Buckwheat is included in almost all therapeutic diets but it is not advisable to eat buckwheat when suffering from kidney disease, as well as for patients with kidney stones.


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