Nutrition for healthy nails

Nutrition for healthy nails

Nails are an important protection that covers nerve cells of fingertips. However, despite their stronger composition, nails are only a skin layer consisting of keratin and minerals.  Healthy diet and adequate fluid intake helps to maintain healthy strong and beautiful nails. In order to have healthy nails we have to get essential proteins which we can get from lean meat, dairy products, eggs, oats, beans, seeds and nuts.

Beautiful nails also need enough of vitamin A which you can find in carrots and green vegetables, vitamin B which is found in many animal and plant products. Do not forget healthy fats. Make sure to use olive oil, fish oil and avocado. Soon you will notice a healthy glow to your nails.

If your body is hard to absorb nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also eat soy, all kinds of cereals and fish. Drink fresh carrot juice. Nutritional supplements are also a good alternative to make your nails healthier.


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