Nutrition tips for those who have hypotension


People who have low blood pressure often complain about feeling unwell. So how to improve it?

People who have hypotension tend to gain weight easier so they should limit the intake of calories. One kilogram of body weight should get one gram of protein. Have in mind that if you eat 100 grams of meat, you will not get 100 grams of protein but much less. To find out how much proteins each product has you have to check its nutritional value.

If you have overweight, you should reduce the amount of fat to 40 grams per day. You should try to get mostly vegetable oils and fish oils. Meat and poultry should be lean. Make sure you diary products are low in fat too.

An adult should get around 300-500 grams of carbohydrates per day. To get good carbohydrates you should eat grains, dark bread, whole grain pasta and vegetables. You should not eliminate all sweets, but make sure you don’t eat them every single day.

You should eat 4-5 times per day and make sure you don’t overeat. If your stomach is full, your diaphragm moves and this way your heart function becomes worse. You should eat not less than 2 hours before going to bed.

People with hypertension should drink lots of still mineral water. This will help to normalize blood pressure. For one kilogram of your body weight you should give 30 ml of water. That means if you weigh 80 kilos, you will have to drink about 2.1 liter of water.

You should limit the amount of alcohol, energy drinks and soft drink as they can cause serious heart problems. Salt is one more thing that should be limited too. It promotes accumulation of liquids in body and people who have low blood pressure are already accumulating liquids.


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