Oily skin care

Oily skin care

Skin oil is a natural protective coating that acts like a firewall against external factors and provides health and beauty. A lack of oil as well as its excess is harmful. When the glands produce too little of it, skin loses its protection and it becomes dry and open to infections. When too much oil is produced, it’s very likely to get pimple, blackheads and skin inflammation.

Certain herbal substances have a unique effect to regulate sebum production and bacteria causing inflammation. It’s very important that these substances were gentle enough for oily skin. One of the best substances for treating oily skin is clay. It gently eliminates excess oil and shrinks your pores.

Hidrolats are good to be used after washing your face or any time during the day to refresh and moisture your skin. Oils can be regulated by rosemary, chamomile or cedar hidrolats. You can also try using hazelnut, walnut, jojoba or grape seeds oil.  These oils should be used when the skin is moist and clean. In this way you will only need a few drops of the oil and it will be easy to apply a thin layer of it on your skin.

Remember that oily skin is aging more slowly!


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