Porridge – the best source of energy

Porridge – the best source of energy

Everybody knows that porridge is healthy. But do we know why? What are its benefits for both adults and children?

Porridge contains complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should form the main daily meals because they are the largest source of energy. Porrigde contains the mainvitamins, minerals, vegetable proteins and fats. Additionally, it is an exelent source of fiber. All these nutrients reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, prevents constipation and other ailments.

Scientific studies have shown that people who eat porridge in the morning, choose healthier snacks during the day. Therefore they do not gain weight. Eating porridge in the morning reduces the possibility of overeating at night. Both for kids and adults it’s a great source of energy that helps to maintain active physical and mental activity. Children find it easier to study and they focus their attention much better. Besides, they imporive both short term and long term memory. Porridge for breakfast is a great start of a day.

If you don’t think that porrige is tasty, try cook it with milk and eat it with berries. Berries can be both fresh or frozen. Also you can add some dried fruit of honey.



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