Principles of the raw food diet

Principles of the raw food diet

Raw food – is not just a diet as you may think. It’s also a lifestyle and philosophy. Raw food is mostly characterized by the fact that such food can’t be baked or boiled when prepared. The highest temperature which can be used for preparing such food is just 46 ° C degrees. Though organic products dominate in this diet, products that are used most often are raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, meat and eggs. The diet also includes dairy products: raw milk, raw milk yogurt and cheese. Those who decide to follow raw food philosophy don’t have to be vegetarians or vegans. However, could you imagine your life without bread, cakes, pies and other baked goods and hot dishes? Eating only the food which is raw is a huge step forward and sacrifice.

How to prepare the raw food correctly?

Fruits, vegetables and nuts are easy to prepare, but various grains, such as rise, should be soaked overnight to give them time to absorb moisture and prepare for eating.

To keep your food raw, when cooking you should use the blender, shredder, grater, juicer and a dryer. Food can also be frozen to make the ice cream. As you can see, cooking according to raw-food principles requires patience and considerable creativity.

Raw food philosophy

Raw food diet is based on a person’s point of view to eating. Here are some certain reasons mentioned by raw food eaters why they decided to change their eating habits:

• Raw food promoters say that food which was cooked or baked release dangerous toxins that cause chronic illnesses.

• Because there is a huge quantity of vegetables and fruits consumed, raw food diet helps to stay young for a longer time.

• Natural products have more vitamins, so people who use only raw products say that they feel more energetic, better mood, have lost some weight and also improved their immune system.

• When the food is prepared without boiling or baking, you save the energy. This means that people become friendly to the environment.

• Raw food contains various microorganisms and good bacteria that help for digestion or improve the immune system.


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