Products causing acne for adults

Products causing acne for adults

Teenager with a pimpled face is a normal phenomenon because pimples are directly related to an excess of hormones and age characteristics. However, some adults also suffer from acne and they don’t even realize that it’s because of the foods they choose. Here are the top five of products that may cause acne:

Because of the coffee, our body starts increasing the production of the hormone called cortisol – the main cause of acne in the mature age. It’s dangerous to drink sweet coffee without eating something because it may cause not only the appearance of numerous acne, but serious skin inflammation process. However, each body reacts to coffee individually, so we should always be aware about its intake.

Flour and sweet products
Sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sugar, chips and ice cream are the most typical agents of acne. Once our body fails to get necessary quantity of vitamins and micro-organisms our skin starts showing the signals through unnatural color, dryness and acne. If you can hardly resist all the temptations, then search for compromises – change harmful drinks with water and tea or instead of sweets start eating honey and dried fruits.

Dairy products
You can eat cottage, cheese and milk as much as you want but the quantity of ice cream or cheese should be limited. These products contain steroids and progesterone, triggering activity of sebaceous glands. Start eating live yoghurt – it is known to increase metabolism processes closely connected to acne.

Unfortunately, there is nothing worse than eating foods fried in fat. If you can’t live without them, try to replace animal fats by vegetable fats when frying. Vegetable oil, especially olive oil, is beneficial for our health because it is rich in Vitamin A, also found in carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, green and orange vegetables. Even after using these products for several days, you can notice a result. Inflammation should be reduced and you skin should become youthful.

Tasty, crunchy and toasted nuts are known to increase the formation of acne because most of the nuts are rich in proteins and fats. Some proteins are heat-stable that our digestive system can’t digest them. Additionally, immune system can’t recognize these proteins and fatty acids and produce antibodies against them and acne beaks out. However, if you eat them in small quantities, they may even become useful, so be cautious and eat with moderation!


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