It’s a paradox but even those people who give huge attention to their health and what they eat still cannot imagine their lives without a variety of treats, even knowing their risk for their health. Dieticians around the world have identified five most hazardous products to human’s health which are extremely popular nowadays.

Sweet fizzy drinks. The manufacturers of carbonated drinks have a wide imagination creating different drinks. Flavors differ from lemon to cappuccino and it seems it’s not the end. This variety doesn’t leave people indifferent and everyone can choose something according their personal wishes. However, before drinking your next bottle of this sweet drink, be aware that these drinks not only contain a huge amount of sugar but also causes thirst.

Chocolate bars. Many commercials of chocolate bars promise influx of energy and even success in life. However, none of these commercials notice that each bar is filled with massive quantities of sugar and various chemical substances that give unique taste of chocolate bars.

Sausages. Who could imagine life without a tasty bacon sausage? Unfortunately, this delicious treat contains 40 per cent of fat and a large amount of substances to improve the taste.

Potato chips. Currently this product is one of the most popular snacks. Every visit to the cinema or bar is often accompanied by a crackle of potato chips. No matter how delicious they are, potato chips contain lots of fats and carbohydrates as well as flavor and aroma enhancers.

Fatty meat. Not without a reason, Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork. After all, this meat is very dangerous to health, especially if it’s fried.



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