Pros and cons of diets

Pros and cons of diets

Despite nutritionists talking that the best way to lose weight is by eating healthy food and working out, women will probably never give up dieting. According to nutritionists there is no diet that would be effective for all women. However, there are so many diets that it is possible to adapt one just for you. Let’s talk about pros and cons of various diets.

Raw food diet

Pros. It’s one of the most effective methods to lose weight as raw food is low in calories and rich in vitamins. Besides it has lots of valuable enzymes that are very useful for us. Raw food diet mean that at least 75-80% of all food you eat must be raw.

Cons. It’s not very easy. It’s not that tasty to eat raw carrot or beetroot, besides at first you can have diarrhea. Another drawback is that raw food diet is low in protein. Vegetable protein cannot replace meat protein which can lead to deficiency of protein. We shouldn’t forget nitrates either. Since you eat more fruits and vegetables you get more nitrates.

Everything except carbohydrates

Pros. Following this diet you can eat boiled or grilled meat.however, you have to stop eating carbohydrates. Your body will have to learn getting energy from protein, though usually it get energy from carbohydrates. This diet will help you to burn fat even if you eat crispy chicken breast.

Cons. Lack of carbohydrates can be a cause of feeling week. It can also negatively affect your mood since carbohydrates stimulate production of serotonin (hormone of happiness) in your brain.

Mediterranean diet – tasty food but not much of it

Pros. This diet was created after noticing that people who live in the Mediterranean area have fewer diseases. The main principle of this diet is – you can eat everything in moderation. You have to eat sea food at least twice a week, you cannot use any sause except olive oil and herbs. After dinner you can enjoy a glass of red wine.

Cons. Don’t forget that you have to eat small portions of food and you have to forget about sweets.



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