Protect your hair from aging

Protect your hair from aging

Your hair just like the entire body gets old. Hair experts say that hair has its own development cycle which changes every three years and four months. Little by little hair structure and form changes too.

When you get older, your hair becomes weaker and more fragile just like your bones. Hair tends to dry out and become thinner. Somewhere between forty, hair may get gray. Even if you had strong and shiny hair when you were young, the structure can change completely when you get 40 or 50. Hair is affected by aging and genes.

Food for beautiful hair

Unhealthy lifestyle directly affects your entire appearance. Your hair especially needs calcium and proteins. For this reason, it is recommended to include spinach, omega 3 fatty acids which can be easily found in fish into your diet. Also don’t forget milk, soy, soy beans, nuts and drink much water.

You should say “No”

Try to protect your hair from the sun and take care of it especially when it’s wet. Wash your hair every two or three days to keep them clean. Don’t abuse drying and straightening your hair with flat iron. Don’t wash your hair with soap. Use a shampoo and conditioner with less heavy chemicals.



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