Quick-cooking meals. What you should know?

Quick-cooking meals. What you should know?

Quick-cooking porridge for break fast, a brick of broth for lunch, noodles that can be made with hot water without even cooking for dinner. Quickly prepared food has established in the lives of those who are always in a hurry.

Quick-cooking porridges

Producing porriges, while corn is turned into flakes, it loses a big part of vitamins, trace elements and fiber which are necessary for normal functioning of digestion system. Besides, these poridges are rich in starch. For this reason, you may get more weight comparing to eating poridges that are cooked in an ordinary way.

Quick-cooking noodles

Palm oil which is used to prepare this kind of noodles is not the healthiest product. It increases blood cholesterol levels. Nutritionist often mention that eating this kind of noodles may leed to gaining extra weight. This kind of meals also have lots of spices which are not recommended for those having stomach or kidney problems or those who have increassed blood pressure.

Broth cubes.

One broth cube contains one third of daily salt intake. Therefore, the lovers of broth and quick-cooking soups are often suffering from high blood pressure or have kidney problems. Antoher problem of broth cubes is monosodium glutomate or E621 which is considered to bevery contoversial nowadays.

So next time think before grabing a pack of your favourite quick-cooking food. Maybe there are other options?



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