Rules that will help you to stay fit

Rules that will help you to stay fit

Together with food we receive the calories that give us the energy which is needed for metabolism processes and physical activity. However, many of us receive more calories than we burn during a day
what leads us to the weight gain. So, it’s very important to track your daily calorie intake because food does not help to burn them.

To minimize your daily calorie intake, start eating at home. Nutritionists say that over the past twenty years, the size of portions in restaurants and cafes has increased by two times. Besides, people think that when they pay they must eat everything, so every day we get 400 calories more that we should get… However, if you burn these calories, you can be sure that your weight is controlled.

The easiest way to control your portion size is eating at home. However, eating in restaurant does not mean that you must finish your food – in order to avoid overeating try to order half of a portion. If this is not possible, do even the simpler thing – book one serving and then ask to pack one half of the food.

Make sure you hide all huge plates and large bowls. According to the study, we eat 31 percent more food because of the dish because our brain thinks that portion is less than it really is.

Don’t put lots of food on the dining table – you will be tempted to serve more. Another great way to get fewer calories is to use chopsticks when eating. The cuisine doesn’t matter! You will have to eat more slowly and will also feel full sooner because your brain needs time to understand that the stomach is already full.

Turn off TV because staring at TV makes your brain forget about what you are doing and you will unnoticeably eat more. According to research, it has been shown that people who eat and watch TV at the same time consuming about 140 calories more every day. During a year, people unnoticeably gain about 6 kilos.


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