Salt becomes one of the biggest issues in the world

Salt becomes one of the biggest issues in the world

World Health Organization (WHO) says that our world is not in the trap of infectious disease, as many sources declare. The main health problems are caused by harmful lifestyle. At this point, we must exclude poor diet which includes high salt intake and other harmful habits. Salt is one of the major causes of the health problems in our decade that strongly affects our blood pressure. According to WHO, only tobacco is more disturbing than salt. 

Recently it has been started to look for the proof that salt isn’t very dangerous for our health. However, can we really believe that new evidence? 

To be more precise, salt is composed of sodium and chlorine that can be called the vital substances. Sodium and chlorine help to maintain the balance of fluid in our body and sodium is one of the ions, which is used in electrical pulse creation by nerve cells. Though it is useful, people haven’t been using much salt because of the hunter-gatherer diet which has been followed. The only salt that has been consumed was the one that naturally occurs in foods. This salt diet has been followed for about 5,000 years ago until the Chinese who realized that salt can be used for food preservation. Since then, the salt plays an important role in the history of mankind. It is contributed to a sedentary lifestyle and tends to become one of the most valued commodities. 

For this reason, reduction of salt consumption has become one of the most important aims in the world. Diet recommendations vary but, generally, it is recommended to eat no more than 5-6 grams of salt per day. Try to count your sodium intake and soon you’ll see how it is difficult to achieve this amount. If food producers would gradually reduce the salt content in their products, we all would eat less salt and no one would even notice this because of the taste bulbs that would gradually regain their sensitivity.


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