Secrets of longevity

Secrets of longevity

We will reveal you some secrets that will help you to look and feel younger. After all, we all dream about long, beautiful and healthy life?

1. Choose healthy products. Every day try to eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and of course don’t forget about berries. Every time you eat, enjoy your food, eat calm and chew long. Avoid watching TV or being in from of computer while you eat. Make every meal an important ritual.

2. Find a hobby, for example, start collecting something. Expand the circle of people you know, make sure you have some interesting topics to talk to them. Stay outside as long as possible, make sure you get enough of fresh air.

3. Listen to your body. It’s very important to know what it wants. If you don’t enjoy doing sports, don’t do it. If you feel that your body requires sweets, eat them from time to time. It is very important that with age you wouldn’t emaciate your body. Love it and take care of it.

4. A happy marriage, laughter of children, sincere friends and good company are the most important key to your happiness.

5. Be optimistic, be confident. Once a year have at least short holidays.

6. Be individualist. Discover what you like. Enjoy the nature, travel. It doesn’t mean that you have to have lots of money for it.

7. Accept gifts from your destiny. Each challenge is a gift too. You will see how strong you are while dealing with them. Look positively to your life.



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