Self hypnosis therapy

Self hypnosis therapy

Hypnosis has been discovered to help people in reducing the stress, quitting smoking, removing the pain or coping with many other kinds of mental and physical problems. Many of them use services of hypnosis therapists in order to achieve the profound relaxation phase because they don’t know how to hypnotize themselves. However, every person can learn how to perform several hypnosis steps fast and easy. Try these effective stress management techniques today.

Time required: from five to thirty minutes.

1. Find a quiet place where no one could interrupt into your quite time and you’re your attention.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Many people like to lean back, while others fall asleep at once when they are in such comfortable position. Some of us want only to sit in armchairs legs stretched out. So, experiment and find out what’s the best for you.

3. Decide on your goal and think about the positive statement for the additional use in your session. For example, if you want to be less messy, select the phrase “I’m organized and efficient” (or something like that), but don’t use a negative sentence by no means, like “I’m less disordered”. Since our subconscious mind doesn’t keep records of negative things, you may become focused on the word “disordered”.

4. Start to breathe deeply but instead of lifting your chest and shoulders lift the stomach. Imagine that you get rid of all-day stress together with your calm breathing and feel how the oxygen starts spreading from your chest to your hands, arms, legs and toes.

5. Imagine the place where you can be relaxed and go into it deeper and deeper. Additionally, think that you go along the corridor, like deep in the woods, leaving your current location behind. Focus on the visualization and feel a different state.

6. When you are completely relaxed and far from your ordinary minds, begin to repeat a positive phrase you have chosen for this hypnosis session. Try to visualize the words, pay attention to the sound of your mind and imagine the final result.


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