Sensitive skin and its care

Sensitive skin and its care

Taking care of sensitive skin is not easy at all: it can become irritated just because of the slightest breeze, not mentioning the cosmetics, hot sun or chilly weather … In order to make it easier, we have selected some advice:

What to do:

1. No matter what is your skin type, you must protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Try to use a protective cream, which should have no smell.
2. Mix half a cup of sugar with olive oil and put this mixture on your face. Wait a bit and then remove this mask to put some lemon juice on your face. Wait for 5 minutes, remove and apply moisturizing cream.
3. When cooking, try to use anti-inflammatory spices: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. They have been also found to prevent wrinkles!
4. Choose the right make-up for your skin: it should have active antioxidants and inflammation-reducing components (such as white tea, seaweed, calendula, etc.).
5. Drink the water enriched with a lemon. With its help, your skin will be clean longer and will also look brighter. This drink is useful not only for your beauty, but for your health as well: it helps for digestion, eliminates toxins, purifies blood and improves circulation. 

What not to do:

1. Do not use any products containing oils because they coat the skin with the layer that creates barrier stopping moisture and air from entering. 
2. Do not forget that soap, sulfates and fragrances dry out and severely irritate sensitive skin, so avoid them. Always use warm, not hot, water. 
3. All products that are used too often are harmful to the sensitive skin: you need only few products in order to clean and feed your skin.
4. In order to clean your sensitive skin, do not use cleansing creams with solid particles, such as nuts, crystals or other. Choose soft cleansers having fruit acids.  


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