Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

People suffering from sensitive skin usually have a lighter skin, light brownish hair and blue-green-eyes. Sensitive skin requires special care because it has a thin layer with very little protective pigment, so it is less resistant to external and internal stress. In most of the cases, people with sensitive skin complain about scaling, itching, feeling of tension, flushing and irritability to various cosmetics.

Cosmetologists say that skin irritation may appear from the sun, cold or polluted air. Sensitive skin is often confused with allergy. If after using cosmetics you start feeling tingling or itching right away, that’s not the allergy, but sensitive skin’s reaction to the wrong product. Reaction of allergic skin can rarely occur right after using the product, it usually become apparent after few hours or even days.

COSMETICS: Cosmetologists advice that for taking care of sensitive skin you use only those products that are dedicated for it. Besides, cleansing tools and the products for entire body should be created for the people with sensitive skin. Normal skin can also be sensitive but it reacts only to ‘real’ allergens, such as solvents, metals, detergents, bacteria, viruses, pollutants that cause skin irritation, redness and itching. It has been noticed that sensitive skin just like the normal skin reacts to so-called ‘fake’ allergens, such as dust, cold air, temperature fluctuations, climate changes.

Other tips:

    *  Don’t wash your sensitive skin with hot or cold water – temperature changes can initiate allergic reaction;
    * Use fat creams when cooler time of year starts;
    * Be sure to use protective cream in the summer against ultraviolet rays of the sun;
    * Remember, the less products you apply on your skin, the less it gets worse. For example, instead of applying cream and the powder, use only a day cream.


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