Silver has healing powers

Silver has healing powers

Silver – it’s not only the precious metal which is used for making coins and jewelry. Surprisingly, this metal is also needed for our bodies as air because it can heal a wide range of diseases – from the acute virus infections to burns. According to doctors, silver ions are actively involved in the regulation of metabolic processes related to the brain, liver and bone tissue functioning, they positively affect the circulatory system. It has been also concluded that silver is a powerful immunomodulator and can be comparable with steroids. However, most importantly – silver destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

After these conclusions have been made, the use of silver for health purposes has become popular in many countries. In regions where there is a risk of epidemics, this metal is widely used for disinfection of swimming pools’ water, for cleaning drinking water. In Switzerland, home and office water is cleaned by silver filters, many airlines give “silver” water for their passengers as protection against infections like dysentery, astronauts also drink only water with silver kept in it for twenty-four hours. Moreover, this metal is used for domestic conservation of various drinks, fruits, vegetables, clothing and sanitary disinfecting, watering indoor plants or keeping cut flowers.

Different diseases need different use of silver. For example, after burning your skin, you need to put a bandage impregnated with silver water, in case of infectious diseases, silver water should be sprayed into your throat area and if you suffer from stomatitis, you will simply have to rinse your mouth with water. Digestive tract diseases should also be healed by drinking a glass of water where silver teaspoon or other silver thing has been kept there for a day.

However, silver should be considered only as a subsidiary measure for getting rid of diseases. If you start feeling not very well, contact your family doctor for the best solution.


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