Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions

We all move when we are sleeping at night and that normally means from two to four times an hour. However, every pose which is preferred may cause back, neck pain, tummy troubles and even some premature wrinkles. So, to avoid all these unexpected problems, find out the best positions:

Back position will help you to prevent annoying neck and back pain and reduce acid reflux if you are suffering from it because the stomach is then below the esophagus so acid or food can’t come back up. Besides, it will work for trying to minimize wrinkles because nothing is pushing against your face. However, it will definitely initiate snoring so make sure you choose puffy pillow.

Side position improves overall health and prevents neck and back pain, also reduces acid reflux and makes you snore less. You should try to sleep in this position during your pregnancy because it is ideal for blood flow but remember that it is bad for your breasts and your face skin because you are always on one side of your face. Your pillow should be the thick one.

Fetal position is the best when you are trying to snore less. However, when you sleep with the knees pulled up high and chin tucked into your chest, you may initiate problems of hurting neck and back. Besides, this pose is bad for trying to prevent premature wrinkles and maintain perky breasts. Just like for the side position, fetal position is recommended choosing plump pillow.

So, though it is hard to regulate your sleeping position, try to start your night with one of the poses written above. Pay attention, that every of them has both positive and negative effects to every of us.


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