Small tricks for those who are trying to lose weight

Small tricks for those who are trying to lose weight

Do you want to lose weight but fail to give up your favourite cake with a cup of coffee. No problem! Too many limitations can destroy the most caful diet. Most importantly, do not restrict yourself too much. Small changes do miracles.

  • Temporarily limit consumption of fried food. Try to replace fried meat or vegatables with steamed or grilled ones.
  • Refuse cappuccino, which is extremly high in calories compared to a simple black coffee. Cappuccino contains not only milk but also cream. It also contains lots of sugar. Refuse sugar at all or sweeten yur black coffee with artificial sweeteners.
  • Choose salad dressings carefully. A few tablespoons of mayonnaise or olive oil may have 10 to 30 grams of fat which has 100-200 calories. Replace it with low-fat yogurt. Two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt have only 20-30 calories.
  • Refuse biscuits, donuts and similar things. Instead eat jelly or marshmallow.
  • Reduse the size of portions. The larger plate, the bigger chance that you will eat more than you really want. Eat like Japanese, from the smallest plates. If you still feel hungry, you can have another small portion. But probably you will not even want it.
  • Do not drink sugary drinks. Half a litre of ice tea contains aroun 240 calories. Besides, it will not make you feel full.
  • Eat chicken without its skin. The best it would be to cut it off before cooking. This way you will save around 100 calories.
  • If you eat an egg, take teo and only eat their whites. This way, instead of 75 calories you will get only 33.
  • Start eating from salad, soup or stew. This will greatly reduce calorie intake. Salads and vegetable soups will prevent you from overeating.



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