Smoking and stereotypes. Did you make the right choice?

Smoking and stereotypes. Did you make the right choice?

Although harmful effects of smoking are clear for everyone, it’s still not easy for someone to quit smoking. And it’s not only because your body requires daily dose of nicotine. A much harder task is to deal with stereotypes and myths which no matter how paradoxical it would be promotes not to give up the habit.

Smoking is a habit of active people

This could be confirmed by many people who are successful in their career. We all fight with boredom and sleep if working in front of computer. Each smoke break often gives a new source of ideas since usually you smoke with your colleagues and communicate. A short break also gives enthusiasm and willingness to work. However, is it scientifically proved or is it just another fruit of our imagination?

Scientific studies have shown that nicotine calms nervous system of humans down or vice versa – stimulates metabolism, facilitates self-regulation and increases time of vigilance. However, this state lasts just for several minutes and later your blood vessels contract and your state changes. Vascular spasm begins which lasts for 20-30 minutes. Smoking one cigarette after another one your nerve cells become weak because of constant irritation. A simple break, for example, 5 minutes’ walk would give you much more benefits for a longer time of period.

Smoking is a habit of adults.

Nevertheless, most smokers start smoking being teenagers in order to grow up faster. When they actually become adults, they might want to quit smoking, but not everyone is able to do that. Teenagers often start smoking in order to rebel.

Smoking helps to lose weight.

This myth indeed is very popular. A part of it is true. Nicotine stimulates metabolism and at the same time reduces appetite. However, it’s not the best way to lose weight. You have probably seen more than one person who smokes and is still fat. Smoking will help you to lose weight if you smoke instead of eating. But after all you still eat! Even if your appetite is reduced after smoking in 10 minutes it will come back.



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