Smoking is responsible for the loss of muscle mass

Smoking is responsible for the loss of muscle mass

The researchers of University of Nottingham (UK) report that smokers have one more bad news. Smoking not only causes cancer, heart disease and strokes, but initiates the loss of the muscle mass in the old age as well (compared with non-smokers). Additionally, physical capabilities and independence in old age may deteriorate faster for smokers than non-smokers. The study has also found that smokers tend to have less muscle mass than non-smokers in general, but the reason hasn’t been explained yet.

Researchers have found that smoking increases the daily wear of muscles. Study has also shown that smoking is likely to accelerate a process of muscle mass decrease which is normal with age.

The study has included 16 people who were selected according to their age (most of them were in their seventies, men and women) and lifestyle (alcohol consumption and physical activity was the same). They all were considered to be healthy and without any symptoms of lung disease. Participants were divided into two equal groups: one was the heavy smokers, smoking for 20 years at least, a pack of cigarettes daily, while another included people who have never smoked.

In order to measure the synthesis of muscle protein, the researchers were given an intravenous infusion of amino acid. Before and after this blood transfusion, samples of muscle have been taken and have been verified how much amino acid ‘stuck’ in muscle protein. According to this, it was counted rate of muscle protein synthesis. The researchers have found that muscle protein synthesis of smokers was significantly weaker than non-smokers.

So, we all know that smoking is bad for our lungs but this study has showed that smoking has more negative health effects. Let us hope that the smoking ban will encourage people to quit while they are still young. It would help them to keep their health later.


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