Some of the cereal have as much sugar as chocolate biscuits!

Some of the cereal have as much sugar as chocolate biscuits!

For decades, we have been informed that the bowl of cereal in the morning is one of the healthiest foods you can get for breakfast. However, now nutritionists have announced a terrible secret about the quantities of sugar that have been found in this product. According to the researchers who have studied 50 different cereal manufacturers, all cereals have been found to have about 30% of sugar just like the chocolate biscuits! By adding synthetic vitamins, such as riboflavin, vitamin B, folic acid, iron or calcium, manufacturers may claim that cereal is healthy. However, you should keep in mind that 40 grams of cereal will give you three and a half teaspoon of sugar. 

As you may have already known, numerous scientific evidence have approved that sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart and liver diseases or even cancer. In addition, it modifies the metabolism, increases blood pressure and misbalances the hormone system in human’s body. The biggest problem of eating too much sugar is that it starts acting like a drug and makes people increase its ‘dose’.

From the nutritional point of view, cereals have a high glycemic index, which means that they quickly increase the energy level but soon ‘leaves you without it and may even make you hungrier than you were before. That’s why people, who eat breakfast cereals in the morning, feel tired and just can’t wait for the lunch time. Eating cereals for breakfast can be compared to throwing the paper into the fire. The problem is that once you this ‘fuel’ is used by your body, it starts demanding something really sweet.

Nutritionists recommend eating breakfast consisting of a handful of unsweetened yogurt and fruit or nuts because they are like a coal that slowly burns on the fire. The body gradually absorbs the energy from such food, so there will be no sudden hunger.


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