Something you should know about cucumbers

Something you should know about cucumbers

Cucumber is one of the most useful vegetables for our body. Do you know its best properties?

• Eating cucumbers regularly improves nail and hair condition;

• Cucumbers contain vitamins C, B, carotene and pantothenic acid;

• Cucumber mask has anti-aging effects and prevents appearance of wrinkles;

• Cucumbers help to regulate acid balance in the body;

• Cucumbers improve digestion processes and helps with constipation;

• Fresh cucumber juice reduce fever and pain;

• Cucumbers help to prevent arthritis;

• They also improve memory;

• Cucumber has diuretic effect;

• It regulates blood pressure.

People who suffer from cardiovascular, liver or kidney diseases should eat fresh cucumbers as often as possible. The same can be said for people who are obese. Although cucumbers are known to increase appetite, they have very little calories, increase metabolism and stimulate secretion of bile. So it’s a great addition to the menu of people who want to lose weight.


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