Spices say STOP to appetite

Spices say STOP to appetite

Natural, useful for your body and inexpensive. Spices can be found in each kitchen. They not only adds flavor to your food but also can help fighting against obesity.


Though cinnamon can be called Christmas spice, it is good to use it throughout the year. Cinnamon helps to control your desire to eat sweets, maintains stable sugar level in blood (after all, we feel increased appetite because of unstable sugar level in blood) and accelerate metabolism. Pour some cinnamon into your team, cottage cheese, yogurt, sprinkle apples with it. Use cinnamon sticks instead of cinnamon powder for better quality.


Vanilla helps to fight against chocolate addiction. When you start feeling that you will not survive without a bar of chocolate, light a vanilla scented candle or put some vanilla sugar into your tea. This should reduce desire for chocolate.


It turns out that a smell of apples soothes hunger and desire to eat something that contains lots of calories, for example a piece of pizza. However, we are talking about a smell of apples but not apples themselves. Most of the apples can cause outbreaks of appetite so if you are on diet, you should limit the amount of apples and eat them before the main course.

Chili peppers

A pinch of chili peppers doesn’t increase your appetite, as many people think, but actually it can help to feel a sense of fullness. Additionally, chili pepper contains capsaicin which is known to accelerate metabolism


Do you want to get rid of temptation to snack? Try to use these tricks with mint. As soon as you feel the need to have a snack, brush your teeth with min tooth paste, have a piece of mint chewing gum or even eat a fresh leaf of mint. Be careful with mint tea. It is known to stimulate appetite.



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