Start taking care of your skin from your 20s

Start taking care of your skin from your 20s

Professionals have found that you should start taking care of your skin more intensively when you turn 20. From about this age you should think about special preventive means to help your skin to stay smooth and soft.

Usually women go to consult specialists about their skin at when they are about 30 as at this time you can notice the first signs of aging. Usually they notice small wrinkles, brown spots on hands. Studies have shown that the most sensitive body parts to aging are Actually you should start taking care of your skin before you notice these signs. It’s never too early to take care of yourself.

Here are a few tips that should help you to prevent skin aging without a special treatment:

  1. 1. As soon as you feel that the weather gets cold, use gloves. Cold weather is very harmful for your skin.
  2. 2. When you clean the house with various chemicals or wash the dishes, don’t forget to wear special gloves. Apply lots of moisturizer before putting on the gloves. Chemical substances are harmful to your skin. Also avoid excessively hot water. After that washo your hands and pamper your skin with moisturizer again.
  3. 3. At least once a week use body scrub. It will clean dead skin cells. After that don’t forget to moisturize your skin properly.
  4. 4. Every morning and night moisturize your face and hands.
  5. 5.Protect your skin from UV rays. If you spend lots of time in a car, you should think about tinted car windows.
  6. 6. Take care of your nails an cuticals to keep them healthy.

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