Still and carbonated water. What to choose?

Still and carbonated water. What to choose?

Pure water is probably the healthiest drink. This is something that everyone knows. However, drinking water quickly get boring, so we are starting to look for options and many times we choose carbonated water. It looks like we are drinking the same healthy drink, but bubling and sparkling feelingmakes it more fun. But is it the same healthy?

Many people tend to say that carbonated water is no good to your health. However, it’s not true. Carbonated water just like still water is useful as a liquid and a refreshener.

Probably you have heard that water with carbon dioxide can harm your tooth enamel. It’s useful to know, however, keep in mind that the damage is minimal. You will not drink that much water so that the rate of enamel erosion was quicker than recovery process. However, we are talking about carbonated water and not sparkling lemonade. Most of them contain phosphoric acid which has much stronger violation to the teeth, especially for their roots.

Another popular argument of the opponents of carbonated water is that this kind of water washes calcium from your bones and can even accelerate the development of osteoporosis. Actualy, scientiscts didn’t prove this yet. Contrary, some studies show that carbonated water can enhacne absorbtion of calcium.

The last thing that you need to know before drinking a glass of carbonated water is that the biggest damage is done not by the carbon dioxide or the water but various aditives that adds flavor to the water. So it’s better to add something natural to your water, like lemon juice, slices of orange or a few frozen berries, which will not only provide flavor but also some pleasant cooling to your drink.



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