Sugar sweetened drinks lead to weight gain

Sugar sweetened drinks lead to weight gain

The researchers from Bangor University have warned people about the sugar-sweetened soft drinks. This time they have announced that you need only four weeks to constantly drink sugary drinks (no matter if it’s juice or sparkling cola) and you will see the clear changes in your weight gain. Besides, they have also warned people about their serious impact on our health leading to diabetes and high blood pressure.

This research has been based on sugar levels’ changes and how muscle cells start to use it for the fuel. According to this study, the biggest problem with sugar enriched drinks or fruit juice is that they disrupt fat metabolism processes in our body. It results in making your muscles start unnoticeably using sugar as the fuel instead of burning fat for it. This means long-term consequences resulting in more difficult overweight problems and high sugar levels in the blood.  Besides, the consumption of such beverages may also increase the risk of such diseases as type II of diabetes and other health problems.

The leader of this research, Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis, claims that the results of their research warn those who regularly drink sugary soft drinks. According to the scientist, regular consumption of the sugar can not only change its metabolism in our body, but may also make its metabolism less effective. Besides, this situation stays the same not only at the time, but has the long-term consequences and may result in reduced ability to burn fats in the future. What’s more, our body soon may find it difficult to cope with the increased blood sugar level. This effect of regularly drinking sparkling soft drinks can be achieved just for four weeks.

The problem arises because some people can’t find a refreshment without these beverages and don’t even think about the plain water.


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