Summer – time to work out

Summer – time to work out

Summer is the season when you can move your gym to open spaces. Exercising outside is not only fun but it also increases efficiency of your workouts and you burn calories fasted. Let’s first talk about how to work out safely and healthy:

• Find activities that are not only beneficial but also fun.

• Don’t expect to get everything quickly. Increase the work out load and time slowly.

• Do not work out every day. 3-4 days per week is ideal for the beginners. Later you can exercise more often.

Jogging. Ideal time for jogging is early morning when the weather is cooler. One average you can burn about 700-900 calories per hour. Breathe through your nose when jogging. If you want to breathe through your mouth, it’s a sign that it’s getting too difficult for you. Optimal heart beat is 120-150 beats per minute. If the pulse is lower or higher, jogging will not give you desired results or it means it is not good for you. Just after few workouts you should notice that your sleep quality is much better, your mood has improved and blood pressure is back to normal.

Walking. Walking is great for those who think that jogging is too difficult for them. Walking also trains your legs, improves blood circulation, breathing and heart work. You can burn up to 500 calories walking fast for one hour.

Cycling. This is one of the most pleasant sports and it’s great even when you are on holidays. You will burn around 500 calories per hour. If you go cycling in the mountains, the number of calories you are burning can increase in several hundred more. Make sure you posture is good when you are cycling and the seat is not too low or high. Bend to the front a little bit and make sure a part of load from your back is moved to the arms.



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