Surprising reasons of headache

Surprising reasons of headache

Headache is one of the most annoying ailments. However, it is not always related to serious diseases. Some reasons of headache will be a big surprise for you.

1. Perfume. Strong fragrances irritate nerve cells in your nose which in turn irritates the entire nervous system and then it leads to headache. Ironically, this happens not only because of the smells you don’t like. It often happens with pleasant and appealing fragrances too. It you think that this could be a reason of your headache, don’t hesitate and change them to some others. The best medications to treat headache related to odors are aspirin and acetaminophen. Avoid products that contain caffeine. They may worsen the situation.

2. Weather. Scientific studies have shown that people with predisposition to headache are more sensitive to high pressure, rising air temperature, high humidity and even cloudy weather. It is believed that weather changes cause chemical and electrical changes in the brain which irritate nerves and it can lead to strong headache. This type of pain can be relieved with cold compresses.

3. Earrings, headbands and complicated hairstyles. Muscles that lie beneath your scalp do not have pain fibers, but connective tissue has them. Pain can develop if your hair is tightly bound as this irritates your kin tissue. Similar pain can be causes by hair ties, headbands heavy earrings and so on.

4. Food. The reason of a headache might be what’s in your plate.

• Salty products disrupt the balance of water and salt in your body. This can lead to dehydration and increased blood pressure.

• Vinegar. Although compress of vinegar can be a great medicine to treat headache, vinegar in your food can provoke or strengthen your headache.

• Chocolate. Chocolate contains thiamin which is known as a substance causing headache. Thiamin provokes arterial blood pressure and blood sugar jumps. It also irritates nervous system.

5. Dehydration. Liquids are really important both for your beauty and health. If you forget to drink one glass of water you probably won’t feel any difference. However, if you forget to drink five, this can lead to a strong headache.


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