Surviving Christmas depression

Surviving Christmas depression

Christmas and New Year’s Eve – holidays that we wait with impatience. However, for some of us these days cause sadness and tension. Instead of spending cozy Christmas with the people we love, taking a break from work and worries, we find ourselves tortured by such things as financial problems, physical fatigue or loneliness. Some of these concerning things are psychological problems that can be caused because of lacking a balance in life. If you are feeling concerned about the upcoming events, try to:

1. Plan ahead.
To save your time, book all the presents online. As soon as possible, plan events and write your Christmas greetings. To avoid the holiday stress try not to do everything at the last minute before a Christmas party or dinner.

2. Take care of psychological health.
Dedicate some time for the activity which gives you pleasure and helps to disconnect from a hurry: watch some movies, take a walk or make decorations for a Christmas tree. You may say that there is no time for that, but it only needs to schedule these activities in advance, for example, 2-3 days before, and not to change your plans.

 3. Breath some fresh air.
The more time you spend outside the more energy you get, because fresh air fills your brain with oxygen. So, go for a walk, ski or go skating. After that drink a cup of tea or remember the childhood and indulge yourself with hot chocolate.

4. Start new traditions.
There is no need of repeating the old traditions, if they cause only a stress. For example, instead of selecting the “best” gifts, you should rather try to show your love in other ways or instead of eating as much as you can, eat slowly and little by little. Forget old disputes and don’t even think about the new ones.

5. Relax.
Schedule for yourself and your mother or sister a day of beauty: enjoy a manicure, pedicure, facial masks and other pleasant things at home. Taking care of yourself wonderfully reduces the festive stress.

6. Get enough sleep.
To stay healthy on Christmas, sleep as much as you need. If you spent your night at the party, sleep until the afternoon.

7. Do what you love.
Remember all the activities you loved and used to do to feel emotionally healthy. Just listen to your needs and sing, dance, read, write, walk or paint. 


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