Sweets can initiate excessive hair growth

Sweets can initiate excessive hair growth

More than half of the women in the world complain about an excessive hair growth. It turns out that hair growth is promoted not only by genes or health problem but because of your love for sweets as well! Health experts have found that it can be called the most common cause of unwanted hair.

If you like sweets (cakes, cookies, candies, cakes, tc.) that all are rich in carbohydrates, there are huge chances that in the future you will have problems with unwanted hair growth. That’s because sweets have a very high glycemic index which can cause an excessive production of insulin. Insulin controls blood sugar levels and if there is too much of insulin excreted, ovaries start producing the male hormone called testosterone which is one of the reasons why women start suffering from hair.

Suffering from eczema may also start complaining about an excessive hair growth. That’s because those areas affected by eczema receive more blood, so there may occur more hair. Therefore, hair grows more actively because that eczema changes the renewal of skin cell. For example, normal cells renew within 21 days or 28 days while cells affected by eczema – within 6 days.

Anorexia and steroids can also bring out an additional body hair. However, it hasn’t been revealed why anorexia makes this happen. The saddest thing is that hair worsens the attitude towards the body of the person suffering from anorexia. In the meanwhile, steroids can lead people to an increased hair growth or even a serious illness because they are synthetic hormones that are not produced in the body normally. 


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