Tea – miraculous drink

Tea – miraculous drink

Every week we hear about various benefits of tea: tea has been proved to help when it comes to dieting or it can be your first remedy in eliminating dark circles around the eyes. However, it is powerful to offer even more benefits that haven’t been spread so widely yet. So, remember those tiny leaves when you need to:

Reduce stress

When you are under the stress, tea could help you in trying to relax and calm down yourself. According to doctors, the act of making and drinking a cup of tea has amazing powers because it leads you to more relaxed state. Soon you will feel that your anxiety and stress levels are reduced and you won’t even need a bar of chocolate!

Boost your metabolism

That’s not a myth! After some medical research made, green tea has been approved to increase metabolism, intensify fat oxidation, helps glucose regulation, and it is powerful enough to reduce the appetite, no matter how it is served – hot or chilled.

Get the first-aid

After an accident, use warm tea bag over your wound to soothe the pain and itching. If you are suffering from sunburn, prepare a bath with some tea bags added because you need natural antiseptic now to relieve itching and pain. Mosquito bites can be also applied with warm tea – they will help you to draw out the poison from the bite and get rid of itching.

Fight cavities

Tea is a great weapon against cavity because it is filled with Polyphenol antioxidants effectively working in prevention of bacteria growth. Cold sore will also go away with a help of tea, you just need to put a warm tea bag on your cold sore and leave it for about 30 minutes a day. Soon you will see that the problem has disappeared.


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