The benefits of oregano

The benefits of oregano

Oregano has long been used as a seasoning for sauces, soups, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It blends well with many spices, especially together with basil, black pepper, rosemary and marjoram. Do you know what are the main benefits of this plant?

Oregano is used to treat neuroses, hysteria, insomnia, epilepsy, hypertension, atherosclerosis. Doctors recommend using oregano if you suffer from intestinal cramps, chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, liver and gall bladder diseases.

Here are some more useful properties of oregano:

1. Oregano regulates digestive tract;

2. It reduces inflammation and eases cough;

3. Oregano relieves headaches;

4. Oregano has diuretic effects;

5. It strengthens the immunity;

6. Oregano is suitable as a preventive measure against dental caries;

7. It has antibacterial effects;

8. It calms down central nervous system;

9. It stimulates secretion of bile;

10. It promotes sweating.

While having so many properties to cure many diseases, you still should not abuse drinking oregano tea as sometimes it can be harmful. Oregano is not recommended for pregnant women (as it could lead to a miscarriage) and during the first months of breastfeeding.


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