The benefits of parsnips

The benefits of parsnips

Parsnips are distant relatives of the carrot and parsley. The real homeland of parsnips remains unknown, but right now they are very popular in Europe. Some scientists say that the plant came from northern Europe. Despite their origins, do you know what beneficial properties parsnips have?

Parsnips are more often used as a seasoning than as a vegetable to add to salads, stews and even desserts. However, it’s a great replacement for potatoes as parsnips contain less calories. Small parsnips are sweeter, while bigger ones have stronger aroma.

Parsnips have more vitamins and minerals than carrots. They are especially rich in potassium, silicon and phosphorus as well as vitamins C and B, iron, manganese, and zinc. Parsnips can also be used to treat many diseases. Here are some key features:

• Great diuretic;

• Helps to relief cough;

• Relieves pain;

• Strengthens the immune system;

• Improves appetite;

• Regulates the digestive tract and metabolism.

It is very important to know that parsnips increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so people who have thin and very pale skin should be very careful about not eating too much of it.



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